Denim or Colour Stitch Mops

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Demim or Colour Stitch Mops are harder than White Close Stitch Mops. They are commonly used for cutting operations on softer metals such as brass, aluminium and copper. Demim mops are suitable for the application of Coldax Cement to produce an abrasive mop coating.

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Mop C/S 100mm x 1section, Mop C/S 100mm x 2section, Mop C/S 100mm x 3section, Mop C/S 150mm x 1section, Mop C/S 150mm x 2section, Mop C/S 150mm x 3section, Mop C/S 200mm x 1section, Mop C/S 200mm x 2section, Mop C/S 200mm x 3section, Mop C/S 250mm x 1section, Mop C/S 250mm x 2section, Mop C/S 250mm x 3section, Mop C/S 250mm x 4section


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