Sisal Mops

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Sisal Mops are used in fast cutting operations. Sisal makes a stiffer wheel than cotton therefore are commonly used after abrasive operations to obtain a semi-mirror bright finish prior to subsequent polishing operations. Sisal mops are often used on harder metals such as stainless steel, steel, hard brass and titanium.

Sisal Mops are used in conjunction with heavy cutting compounds such as Brushing Emery but can be used with medium cutting compounds such as Hyfin.

Sisal’s remove 240 -320 grit marks depending on which compound is used.

Green impregnation in the mop gives a slight hardness to the Sisal Wheel without making the Sisal too stiff and non- flexible. Ideal for first stage heavy duty polishing operations.

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Mop Sisal 100mm x 12.5mm, Mop Sisal 100mm x 25mm, Mop Sisal 150mm x 12.5mm, Mop Sisal 150mm x 25mm, Mop Sisal 150mm x 37.5mm, Mop Sisal 200mm x 12.5mm, Mop Sisal 200mm x 25mm, Mop Sisal 200mm x 37.5mm, Mop Sisal 200mm x 50mm, Mop Sisal 250mm x 12.5mm, Mop Sisal 250mm x 25mm, Mop Sisal 250mm x 37.5mm, Mop Sisal 250mm x 50mm


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