Felt Bobs

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Felt Bobs are made from the wool and other materials for use with various profiles and machines.. They are designed for the experienced polisher. Felt bobs can be used in conjunction with a diamond pastes or other polishing compounds to achieve the required surface finish on molds and dies.

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Felt Bob 100mm x 12.5mm, Felt Bob 100mm x 25mm, Felt Bob 100mm x 50mm, Felt Bob 150mm x 12.5mm, Felt Bob 150mm x 25mm, Felt Bob 150mm x 50mm, Felt Bob 200mm x 25mm, Felt Bob 200mm x 50mm, Felt Bob 250mm x 25mm, Felt Bob 250mm x 50mm, Felt Bob 40mm x 50mm, Felt Bob 50mm x 40mm, Felt Bob 50mm x 50mm


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