Zinc & Zinc Alloys

Zinc and Zinc alloys provide high performance cost effective coatings which together with trivalent chromium based passivates and organic top coats provide excellent corrosion resistance to steel based components. These coatings are protected by a mechanism of sacrificial protection. The zinc/ zinc alloy coating corroding preferentially to the substrate.

The initial attack on the zinc/ zinc alloy coating is inhibited by the passivate/ organic top coat layers which inhibits the formation of white rust. This multi-layer approach provides excellent corrosion performance and has many automotive companies approvals. All of these systems are covered by the MacDermid Enthone Zinklad Automotive Corrosion programme.

Kenlevel Ultima Acid Chloride zinc process:

Kenlevel Ultima represents the latest development in acid chloride zinc plating. The process is formulated for both rack and barrel applications over a wide temperature range with high temperature tolerance. Kenlevel Ultima produces excellent deposit brightness and levelling. The single brightener system is chlorine free and low foaming.

Kenlevel 019LF Chloride zinc plating process:

Kenlevel 019 LF is a low organic zinc plating process designed to work in either rack or barrel applications. It may be used in potassium, mixed or ammonium-based electrolytes. Kenlevel 019LF is a two-component low foaming system that permits higher air agitation resulting in brighter deposits. The process is easy to control and is free of complexing agents.

UNIZIN B830 Bright Cyanide zinc process:

UNIZIN B830 Bright cyanide zinc is a unique plating process that incorporates state of the art additives. These additives function in low, medium and high cyanide electrolytes. The bath produces an extremely bright, working at high temperatures, fine grained deposit that readily accepts Iridite and Tripass conversion coatings.


Envirozin K08 Alkaline zinc plating process:

Envirozin K08 is a bright alkaline, cyanide free zinc plating system based on a potassium hydroxide electrolyte. This new process offers exceptional clear deposit brightness after passivation. The brightness is retained even when over coated with clear stoving lacquer. As a low metal process Envirozin K08 addresses economic and environmental benefits.

Envirozin 120 Alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating process:

Envirozin 120 is an alkaline cyanide free zinc plating process formulated for volume production in both rack and barrel applications. It produces bright zinc deposits of high visual appeal that exhibits uniform thickness distribution and have excellent adhesion properties. The process is easy to operate and control in volume production. Due to the solutions high efficiency fast plating rates can be achieved without high current density burning, the process contains no complexing agents so it is easy to waste treat.

Enviralloy Ni 12-15 Alkaline Zinc Plating Process:

Enviralloy Ni 12-15 is an alkaline process for the electrodeposition of zinc nickel alloys with a nickel content of 12 -15 %. It produces zinc nickel deposits with a consistent alloy composition and thickness across a wide range of current densities and operating conditions.

The zinc nickel deposit achieves exceptional corrosion protection with high temperature resistance that meets the requirements of the automotive industry even after heat treating. The zinc nickel deposit is an ideal base for trivalent chromium post treatments that meet the demands of the European Unions “ End of Life Vehicle” directive.

The process is easy to operate and control in volume production, being suited for both rack and barrel applications.

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