PET Recycling 

In recent years, the use of plastic has become a very contentious subject globally. Huge amounts of plastic being found in seas and major waterways has a crippling effect on marine life. PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is a strong but lightweight material used to make containers for drinks, personal healthcare, other food and non-food applications. PET is fully recyclable using a multi-stage process.

Recycling of plastic is a major contributor in reducing the amount of plastic discarded. South Africa is part of the top 10 plastic recyclers in the world and is at least 10% better than European countries due to its very unique collection network.
MacDermid Enthone products are optimised to work synergistically in order to clean, control foam and ensure the separation of plastics at different specific gravities.

Process Sequence:
1. Wash and remove labels plus residues.
2. Grind the plastic into flakes.
3. Sort the PET from other plastics such as Polypropylene or Polyethylene by a floating/sinking operation.

Product Range:
Cleaners & Additives
Enhancing Plastics Separation
Defoamers & Anti-foams
Cleaning Solution Reconditioning
Equipment Maintenance
Coating StrippersHDPE/PP or Other Plastics Recycling

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