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Hard chrome is the hardest of the commonly deposited metals. It is used as a wear resistant coating on steel and a wide variety of other metals. Hard chrome differs from other chromium plating processes, not just because of it use but also because of the thickness of the deposit applied. A typical hard chrome deposit is between 5 – 100 microns. Typical components plated in hard chrome are printing cylinders, engine valves and hydraulic parts.


Electroless Nickel plating is the deposition of a nickel alloy by use of a chemical reduction process – no electrical current is applied. The most common Electroless Nickel deposits are alloys of nickel phosphorus with a typical phosphorus content of 2-14%. Other nickel alloys can be achieved using alternative reducing agents. Composite coatings of electroless nickel phosphorus can be obtained, the most common being electroless nickel / PTFE. These coatings are typically for applications whereby low friction and release properties are required. Other materials can be incorporated into electroless nickel such as carbides and diamond, these are used in cutting and grinding operations.

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