For Stainless steel and stainless iron

Electro-polishing is used where it is difficult or expensive to polish mechanically. The electrolytic polishing process does not ‘flow’ on the surface as in mechanical polishing and surface defects such as deep scratches, draw marks and flaws in the metal will not be removed from the polished surfaces. For a satisfactory finish to be obtained it is therefore essential that the components to be treated are made from high quality material which has:

  • Uniform structure

  • Small grain size

  • Freedom from inclusions

  • Good surface finish

Stainless steels and irons are electro-polished on a vast scale. The process is particularly attractive in view of the high costs of mechanically finishing these alloys. Components treated range in size from decorative gates to small needles – typical examples are windscreen wipers, wire work, automobile exhaust systems and cooker trim. Electro-polishing is widely used in the medical industry where highly polished finishes are required.

Characteristics required for the medical industry:
Smooth surface
Untreated metallic parts often have various jagged edges, which may be unsafe for specific industrial applications, particularly in the case of equipment for healthcare/medical industries.
Ultraclean metallic finish
Electropolished metallic parts incorporate ultraclean surfaces, which industry professionals may not achieve with conventional polishing treatments available. The electropolishing technique removes a layer from the surface of a material in a uniform way to retain smoothness of the surface without any debris and other pollutants.

Our electro-polishing solution will polish nickel-chromium and chromium stainless steels of the 200, 300 and 400 series. It can also be used for the removal of small burns on stainless steels and for the smoothing of carbon steels prior to final electro-polishing.

Polstar RST 2K

Most electro-polishing solutions are supplied ready to use. The POLSTAR RST 2K is supplied as a concentrate that is added to a mixture of acids. After make up the POLSTAR RST 2K solution gives you all the characteristics of a ready to use process.

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