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Creating New Standards for Appearance and Protection

MacDermid Enthone decorative coatings include REACH compliant copper-nickel-chrome processes that offer durability and long-lasting beauty to a diversity of plastic and metals used to manufacture grills, door handles, bumpers, emblems, and much more.

The OEM approved, distinctive finishes and colours provide dynamic styling to meet demanding production and detailing requirements. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and applicators to ensure cost-effective and environmentally compliant processes that deliver a range of bright, satin, white and dark finishes.

Our Automotive Solutions for decorative interior and exterior applications enable new design, versatility, and style.

Our chromium system innovations cover a spectrum of metal finishing applications which are also used in plumbing, home furnishings, appliances, musical instruments, jewellery, audio, and video components


  • Trivalent
  • Hard
  • Black
  • Decorative

Sulphate-based, white trivalent chrome for non-steel applications provides exceptional coverage and a bright, light colour comparable to traditional hexavalent chrome layers. The TRILYTE Flash SF deposit is consistent over normal current density ranges.  TRILYTE Flash SF will tolerate current interruptions, provide more uniform metal distribution and reduce or eliminate high current density burning as compared to conventional hexavalent layers.

Chloride-based deposit colour is consistent overall current density ranges. The process is tolerant to current interruptions, provides excellent uniform metal distribution and reduces or eliminates burning when compared to conventional hexavalent chromium deposits.

Sulphate-based, mid-dark trivalent chromium solution. With durable finish for exterior applications. Developed for use in automotive, sanitary and consumer electronic applications.

Sulphate-based, dark trivalent chromium solution well known on the market. The process provides uniform metal distribution and stabile colour. The Starlite process utilizes a simple additive system.

The darkest trivalent chrome provides lustrous, uniform deposits as well reproducible and stable dark colour. The process delivers more uniform metal distribution while reducing or eliminating high current density burning, TriMech ECLIPSE meets OEM decorative specification.

Mach2 Decorative Chrome Plating System

This chromic acid based process represents a major advance in decorative chromium plating technology. Mach2 demonstrates a great improvement in covering power, higher deposition rate and an attractive light deposit compared to other systems available. The process is very easy to maintain.


  • Cyanide
  • Bright Acid
  • Electroless copper


  • Immersion
  • Electronic
  • Bright
  • Conductive paint

Silvax 2000 Bright Silver:

Silvax 2000 is a water white clear solution which produces a fully bright silver deposit on polished or plated substrates.

Silvax 2000 has excellent throwing power, enabling deep drawn contacts and components to be completely coated. The solution can be used in both rack and barrel applications. The brighteners are metal free therefore ,the deposit can be used for electronic applications such as contacts, switchgear and wave guides. The solution is easy to make up and maintain and will work over a wide range of silver contents and still give a bright deposit.


  • Bright
  • Satin
  • Black
  • Electroless Nickel/PTFE
  • Nimac Stellar Bright Nickel Process


Nimac Stellar is a high performance bright nickel process which demonstrates exceptional levelling and deposit brightness across the whole current density range. The deposit exhibits very good ductility and chromium receptivity. The process is formulated to work with a single additive making it very easy to operate.

ELPELYT MR (Microcraked)
Microcracked nickel process provides reproducible crack count (micro-cracks 20-80/mm (‪200 -800‬ / cm) improving corrosion resistance on CASS where requested.

NiMac Hi-S 8108 ( High Sulphur)
High activity nickel layer which is deposited between the semi-bright and bright nickel layers. Provides the ultimate corrosion resistance in applications such as automotive.


  • Bright Acid
  • Alkaline
  • Fluroborate


  • Acid
  • Cyanide
  • Alkaline


The Black Pearl process provides a uniform black to grey deposit. The final colour is dependant on the substrate material. The process therefore offers a whole variety of shades and lustre.

The deposit is obtained from a stable electrolyte and the deposit is uniform over a wide current density range.

Apex Brass Plating Process:

Apex Brass salts provide a simple cyanide based solution for the production of decorative brass electrodeposits. It is usually applied over an initial deposit of bright nickel or bright copper. The components are then normally plated for one to two minutes in the Apex Brass Solution to produce a bright brass finish. The solution may be used warm or cold, but more  rapid plating rate is obtained from the warm bath.

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