Aluminium Plating


Bondal Process
For plating aluminium and its alloys
The Bondal process is a treatment for aluminium and its alloys which enables many different electro-deposits to be applied directly without intermediate brass or copper plating. It involves the use of special alkaline cleaners – Minco cleaner, Bondal cleaner followed by a unique solution, Bondal dip. The process is simple to operate and has an additional advantage over earlier processes since the plated articles do not need to be stoved to safeguard adhesion


The Bondal dip treatment produces a film on aluminium or aluminium alloys which may be plated directly with nickel, cyanide or pyrophosphate copper, brass, silver, tin, zinc or cadmium. These metals can be plated onto a wide range of alloys including those upto 5% copper, 9% magnesium, 1% manganese, 13% silicon or 6% tin.
Some alloys especially those freshly heat treated, may require modification to the process sequence in order to obtain adherent nickel deposits. It may not be possible to obtain satisfactory deposits of all the other metals listed above directly onto some aluminium alloys but these can be deposited over a nickel undercoat

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